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    Magic Water Drawing Book Coloring Book Doodle Painting Board Kids Toys Gift


    Product Name: water drawing book

    Product material: cardboard
    Net weight: 230g
    Gross weight: 137g
    Product size: 260*175*29mm/10.24*6.89*11.42"
    Package size: 265*180*30mm/10.43*7.09*1.18"

    Suitable for age: over 3 years of age


    1. The product is high-tech, non-toxic, pollution-free and environment-friendly.

    2. The picture will disappear naturally and it can be used repeatedly.

    3. The painting pen is filled with water, so it doesn't stain the clothes and the room. 

    4. The back of the drawing board is waterproof, so it will not wet the floor.

    Product Description:

    Children love doodle, none of the walls in the house are clean, it's hard to clean up and when you clean it and you don't know when it was painted again. Do you have such worries as well?

    Now, the magic of water painting, can let the child free painting, and completely get rid of these troubles.
    This magic is not only a toy, but also it is a communication bridge between parents and children communication.
    The parents take the children together to paint, reading and writing, drawing and promote child cognitive initiative.
    Training children's keen observation ability, inspiring children's rich imagination, and accumulating their children's active creativity.

    Method of use: 

    1. Drawing pen will be filled with water or soaked in water, children can freely on the easel painting;When the drawing pen is used for the first time, please turn the pen out and soak the warm water for 30 minutes, so that the pen can expand sufficiently.Then tap water or drinking water will be used, so that the water will flow more smoothly.

    2. Where the pen is painting will immediately appear the handwriting shape;
    3. With the evaporation of water traces, the handwriting will disappear, and the canvas will return to its original color, so that children can continue to create.
    (Note: the speed of water track is determined by the degree of environmental drying. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes in summer, and the indoor temperature is quite different in winter.It's not very good in some places, because of the yellowing of water quality, it is possible to leave a mark on the edges of the painted part after finishing, without affecting. If you have many traces, you can clean it with clean water.

    4. Please make sure the water is drained dry in the painting pen when storage sketchpad.

    1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
    2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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